Meet Up With Mendo!


Ward 2, you asked for Mendo and we’re delivering!meetupWard2blue, 6-17-15The next Meet Up with Mendo is this Saturday, June 27th at Slipstream located at 1333 14th Street, NW from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. Meet Up with Mendo is an opportunity for the Chairman to visit with you in your neighborhood. It is also an opportunity for you to share your concerns and get answers to your questions

We hope to see you there!


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Mendo’s Marches: Capital Pride

Team Mendo's last ditch effort to prepare over 10,000 leis in the Mendo Mobile.

Team Mendo rallies ’round the Mendo Mobile itching for kickoff!

Happy Thursday!  It took some time, but we at Team Mendo have finally recuperated from all that screaming, shouting, and sweating during Saturday’s Capital Pride parade.  As Phil has done for quite some time now, he and his team marched in the annual parade through Dupont Circle celebrating the District’s LGBTA community.

Did you happen to miss out on Capital Pride this year?  For shame!  Team Mendo practiced their lei-laying abilities for hours (it’s harder than it looks).  Anyway, let’s take a trip down Memory Lane, NW with some shots from Saturday:

Some members of Team Mendo take a break from Lei Assembly.

Team Mendo Members on their bed of 10,000 leis, waiting to throw them to the crowds!

Phil makes his way through Dupont Circle.

And we’re off!  First stop: Dupont Circle.

Can't stop now, the people demand their leis!

Can’t stop now, the people demand their leis!

Team Mendo reloads on leis.

Team Mendo reloads on leis.

Team Mendo.  When is next year's parade?

Team Mendo taking a much needed break.

As always, thank you Capital Pride and the thousands of screaming spectators that make the parade more fun each and every year!  When is next year’s parade?

Next Mendo March: The Palisades 4th of July Parade!  We’ll see you then!

Bye bye, until next time...

Bye bye, until next time…

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The Big Leibowski


How does one celebrate passing a $13,000,000,000 budget on second reading, advancing District local autonomy over its own spending?  With a tumble in a pile of leis, of course!

What, your office doesn’t have a pile of leis laying around?  It really ties the room together.  Assembled every year around budget season, the leis are brought from far and wide to be piled up in preparation of Phil’s annual  Leap of the Leis, jumping in to the pile immediately after the budget is passed.

IMG_0190Actually…these leis are being prepped for this Saturday’s annual Capital Pride Parade through Dupont Circle!  As Phil does every year, he will be marching  in this year’s parade this Saturday, June 13.  He and Team Mendo will be handing out over 10,000 of these leis to the frenzied crowds.  Will you be lucky enough to get one?  Come on out and scream for Mendo!

We hope to see you there!


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Mendo Minute: Comcast Leaders and Achievers

Happy Friday from the Mendelson Post!  Up top is a photo from last night’s Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Award Ceremony in the atrium of the John A. Wilson Building.  Phil was the keynote speaker for the event honoring the District’s scholars.

Phil delivers the keynote address.

Phil delivers the keynote address.

Have a wonderful weekend from all of us at the Mendelson Post!

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Mendo Minute: Meat Up with Mendo

Phil met with residents at MGM Roast Beef in Ward 5.

Phil met with residents at MGM Roast Beef in Ward 5.

This weekend was a great one to be out and about.  Not only was the weather absolutely gorgeous, but Phil was spotted “meating” up with some residents at MGM Roast Beef in Brentwood in Ward 5!  Thankfully, the conversation stayed jovial – only good beef here!

Look out for Meet Up With Mendo in your neighborhood!  Have any suggestions where Phil should go next?  Post in the comments below!

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